“Maison Ullens offers a luxury ready to travel to accompany the contemporary nomadism.”

Myriam Ullens


Created in 2009 by Myriam Ullens de Schooten, the brand is first created under her initials (MUS), before being renamed Maison Ullens in 2013. Its vocation ? To offer a high-end cloakroom to accompany contemporary nomadism ; the wardrobe of a woman at her image, crisscrossing the world while remaining elegant. The offer is based on knitwear, leather and the most noble materials distinguished by its timelessness and absolute quality. Travelling is at the heart of Maison Ullens' concerns in developing its collections and choosing the materials it uses.

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THE FOUNDER, myriam ullens

Chic globetrotter, discreet philanthropist, committed, passionate , woman of the world and businesswoman: the thousand lives of Myriam Ullens de Schooten testify to her tireless creative energy. In 2009, five years after having created the Mimi Foundation that supports people with cancer, Myriam Ullens launches this high-end ready-to-wear brand. Her inspiration, she finds it during her travels and feeds her personal passions, art and architecture. In her personal life as for the brand, Myriam Ullens never deviates from this rule that is close to her heart: never cheat with quality. It is this requirement that she imposes on the respect of the know-how of the best garment workshops in Europe and on the layout of the brand's boutiques entrusted to the greatest architects and decorators.

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From our factories and knitting factories near Venice and Florence, to our leather workshop outside Florence, these different places of creation bear witness to Maison Ullens' eternal quest: the quest for excellence. This alliance of extraordinary techniques and exceptional materials, which make up the brand's DNA, is at the service of the creation of a high-end ready-to-wear for customers with whom we have been able to weave , thanks to our quality and our service, a unique relationship. More than a simple indication of the origin of a product, the respect of a quality Made In is also a guarantee of the use of remarkable raw materials and industrial production recognized worldwide for artisan confections of irreproachable quality. The know-how of the traditional workshops is an asset of the heritage of the fashion and are of inestimable value in the world of luxury.



A first boutique opens its doors in Aspen, Colorado, then very quickly a second in Paris, rue de Marignan, at the corner of the prestigious Avenue Montaigne. Each boutique has its own architectural style, conditioned by its surroundings and the location in which it is located. The Aspen store was designed by Lionel Jadot and the Paris store designed by Rem Koolhaas (OMA Office). The use of natural wood, brushed brass as well as bright and warm colors allow the brand to welcome its customers in an environment that reflects the collections it offers. The brand is also distributed in around 40 prestigious multi-brand outlets around the World.